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Playing this game has literally become fucking impossible since update 14.

I can’t play with PUGs. I can’t play with friends. Whether it be host migration every single fucking run, or myself or one of my friends getting DC’d, or the mission just auto-failing or booting us out for no reason. Being stuck in an endless loading screen half of the time. Losing whatever EXP/item/time progress we made. Every fucking game.

I have literally never seen a worse matchmaking system in my fucking life and I am so god damn close to just outright quitting if the game itself is so fucking broken that it won’t even let me or my friends PLAY the damn game AND have progress deleted in the process. No. Fuck that shit. The game is barely even fun anymore as it is.

Fuck this. Ed and I are so fucking done with this shit every damn time we try to play.

- Diarist




It’s a fucking dagger not a Claymore sword. Why am I struggling to even swing this thing.

No, I’m sorry. Isn’t the whole point of a dagger to be quick nimble stabby stabby slicey slicey funtimes? 

Lotus I’m insulted you would mail this to me. What was she like “Lol here I don’t want this piece of shit you deal with it.” It’s like the final kick to the nuts after the most agonizing event in Warframe’s history.

- Diarist

You know why the other events were good? Because the missions had some sort of longevity or introduced something new. Cryotic Front gave us a whole slew of cool new stuff, and was probably the best event we ever had. Events before that introduced new game modes, tilesets, or what the fuck ever and were usually teamwork oriented to provide some fun with your friends and some neato cheeto prizes at the end. This sets a standard.

Here comes Operation: Gate Crash recycling old shit in what is essentially a Mobile Defense with a coat of lead paint along with some skull-fucking nonsense lore (who the fuck, when the fuck, and where the fuck is Baro Ki’ Teer), and at the end of the struggle you’re rewarded with mediocre mods and a terrible weapon. Oh, and two recoloured versions of the bitch on Sedna as… a boss… I GUESS…?? Drag your lifeless corpse through the same mission 15 times with no real goal or sense of progression to look forward to, torture yourself trying to get the 3k mastery from your dagger, shelve everything and pretend it never happened. Entire event was wasted potential. 

Point is the event sucks and doesn’t live up to the standard other events held. Even Arid Fear was better than this. Hoping the next event isn’t as bitter.

On the other hand I’m still hyped for Archwing and I hope it’s as polished and fun as it should be.

- Diarist

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